For the better part of two years, the dour, earnest faces of a farming couple have stared out at the world from the home page of our site.

And though we love this painting, American Gothic, by Grant Wood, we have to admit that no one growing cannabis should look so thoroughly unhappy. It’s just not right. 

So we’ve gotten down to rebuilding. The new website, you can see right here. But there is plenty more right beneath the surface. 

We’ve repackaged our edibles and reformulated our recipes to ensure they are delectable, wholesome and ready to share. (And we’re adding new products and flavors every day.) 

We’ve torn down our hydroponic grow and replaced it with soil. The cannabis we’re growing is 100% fire. No question there. 

Oh, and we’re building a tee pee. Just because. 

Look here for more of our story. How we grow. What inspires our designs and confections. How we navigate the regulatory landscape of this newly legalized plant. And how we have fun.

Looking forward to so many more good things to come, 

Ted & PJ