If you didn’t know, we’re having an event for the Eclipse this Monday morning from 9AM-11AM. We’d call it a party, but that sounds a little decadent for a Monday morning.

Since we’re all a little new at this Eclipse thing, we thought we’d give you some pointers to help you feel safe & prepared. Here we go:

  1. Never look directly at the sun (unless you’re wearing eclipse glasses) 
  2. It is bone dry in much of the country. If you’re smoking, be extremely cautious. Keep water close at hand, and make sure that all fires are completely out. And make sure friends and strangers do the same.
  3. Go potty before. This event lasts under two hours. No reason to spend any of that time in the bathroom if at all possible. 
  4. Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll probably be standing. 
  5. Pass the joint: If you can share a preroll, you can share Eclipse Glasses with others. At our farm, we’ve also added viewing pools where you can watch the sun in the water. That and some really goofy boxes that you can stick up to your head. 

We hope to see you here @ 260 Fred Johns Way, Cheney, WA 99004. But wherever you are, enjoy this special occasion. 


Ted & PJ