Strain Overload

Browsing through the over 2,000 strains of cannabis catalogued on Leafly–somewhere between “Cat Piss” and “Ebola #7”–we started to wonder: are strain names the best way to define cannabis flower?

The folk tradition of naming new strains has led to a vast library of monikers. Maui Waui and Pineapple Express are household names–even in those households where a spliff has never been lit. And the best strain names are things of beauty. They evoke where a high might take you: Blue Dream’s warm liquid bath; The crisp, radiant clarity of Northern Lights: or bearing witness–if only once-in-a-lifetime–to the White Rhino. 

Sadly, few strain names rise up and call out. Instead, we are left with a vast, confusing compendium of names that provide little guidance as to where a strain comes from or how it will make you feel. Only a few years into legalization, and we’ve entered into a state of strain overload. 

High Profiles

On sunny days (and some rainy ones, too), we’ve gathered at the tee-pee that sits on a hill behind our farm and passed around a joint. Invariably, conversations turn earnest as we appraise the flower and drink its smoke. Is it piney? Sweet? Where do you feel it? Across your temples? In your chest? Colors become more vibrant, smiles grow. Occasionally, the details blur at the edges, but one thing is clear: no two cannabis highs are exactly the same. 

As we brought our pre-rolls to market, we wanted to highlight that special snowflake quality of each strain. We wanted anyone who chose to light one of our pre-rolls to know exactly what kind of rabbit hole they were about to drop into. Strain names evaporated and were replaced by High Profiles. 

Simply put, a High Profile is a mnemonic that answers the question for bud tenders and consumers: What happens when I light this joint?

To date, we have released three High Profile Pre-rolls in the Washington Market. 

The bison

The bison is filled with pure flower from our in-house exclusive strain, J-Dog Purple. It has a deep body high that fills you with the power and confidence of The Bison.


Eclipse is packed with Cherry-AK47. This extremely cerebral hybrid sends your mind into deep space. 


Positron provides the right angle from which to view life. Not too broad. Not too restrained. Filled, of course, with GG4.

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