About Us

Cheney, Washington—population 11,427—is where we built our farm.

Because we know that good things come from small places, we decided to put our roots down here. Surrounded by wheat fields, Cheney is quiet, friendly and serene. It’s a place where we sleep soundly even if we forget to lock our doors at night. Kids still ride their bikes into the setting sun and have to be called in by ringing dinner bells. It’s a home town in the greatest sense of the meaning.

Pure Joy knows that the world is still a tranquil place, where kindness and quality persist. Our Pure Joy cannabis edibles and smokables are made with the careful attention that only a small, family business can offer. Cheers to your lasting happiness, and ours.

—Pure Joy Family Farm

Pure Joy Family Farm
1618 Willow Street
Cheney, Washington

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