The Joy of Smokables

Our strains of marijuana will thrill any gourmet. We grow our plants with loving care on our family farm, nurturing them throughout every step of the process. We even talk to them—and they’ve started to talk back! We are still in the growing process, but our Pure Joy marijuana line-up will be ready for your smoking pleasure very soon. Locally grown in the Inland Northwest, we are proud to be Cheney’s Dope!


The Positron comes from the GG4 strain. It is also the personal philosophy of Eric S., a friend of the farm. Quoting loosely: “The positron is the perfect angle to view life. Not so wide as to get lost. Not so restrained as to feel there are no choices.”

MOOD: Euphoric, optimistic high. Gorilla Glue #4
Total Cannabanoids: 25%
Total THC-A: 21%


Packed with a clean, piney smoking Indica flower—J-Dog Purple—the Bison infuses your body with the weight, power and enduring spirit of this great American icon.

MOOD: Heavy body high, J-Dog Purple
Total Cannabanoids: 18%
Total THC-A: 16%


Cherry AK-47 makes for a sweet-tasting smoke and an intensely cerebral high. You’ll travel into inner and outer space—possibly meeting alien life forms—with the Eclipse.

MOOD: Cerebral Cherry, AK-47 high
Total Cannabanoids: 18%
Total THC-A: 16%

Pure Joy Family Farm
1618 Willow Street
Cheney, Washington

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