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2017: All this year’s parties

This is a picture of Eleanor, our mascot. She is just here for click-bait.  Some of you made it out. To everyone else: Looking forward to seeing you in 2018! The details aren't even blurry. We set out to treat marijuana as our muse. Marijuana was legal, and we wanted...

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High Profiles – Cannabis Beyond Strain

Strain Overload Browsing through the over 2,000 strains of cannabis catalogued on Leafly--somewhere between "Cat Piss" and "Ebola #7"--we started to wonder: are strain names the best way to define cannabis flower? The folk tradition of naming new strains has led to a...

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Great Moments in the History of Cannabis

Cannabis is one of the oldest crops in the history of human civilization, with evidence of cultivation traced back 12,000 years. The plant is thought to have originated in Central Asia, but has since spread to every corner of the globe. Humans have used cannabis for...

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